Stewardship Campaign 2015
Time & Talents Form
Dear Friends

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and the other contents of this pack. You have received this pack because you are either on St Luke's electoral roll or a regular member of the congregation.

I would like to thank everyone for all that you currently do forSt Luke's Church and have done over the past three years. Since our last stewardship campaign in 2012 we have become part of the new Thurstable and Winstree Team Ministry, we have re-ordered the chancel, replaced the windows in the church extension and appointed our parish administrator. Messy Church is now firmly established and is attracting families who did not previously come to church. Our work in local schools has grown and two ecumenical church-based youth groups have started under the leadership of our Youth Worker. Numbers of baptisms, wedding and funerals have all increased and our church is being well-used by the community. We expect the new front entrance to be put in within the next few months. There will soon be a new window in the church in memory of Elaine Corbett. We will soon be training our new team of Pastoral visitors and preparing our second cohort of children
to be admitted to Holy Communion.

We could not continue our work as a church without the dedication and generosity of those who give financially and those who give of their time and talents to serve on our various teams, care for the building, prepare the church for worship, take a leading part in services, run groups and activities, produce publicity, care for the vulnerable and do so many other things that are part of the work of the body of Christ. You may be shocked to discover just how much it costs to run St Luke's each week and you may be surprised by the variety of tasks people undertake.

Please would you read through the enclosed leaflets and consider prayerfully what you are able to contribute to God's work through St Luke's? I am not asking you to do or give more than you can afford, but simply to consider all that God has given you both materially and spiritually and respond out of love for him and a desire to serve him. I am confident that God will help us to find the resources needed for the work he is calling us to do and I invite you, in the name of Christ, to share in the work of God's kingdom in Tiptree and Tolleshunt Knights.

Please return your two response forms in the envelope provided to a service at St Luke's or to the Rectory by Sunday 6th December when we will give thanks for every pledge received during Parish Communion.

With every blessing
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