House Groups
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If you know anything of church history you are aware of the significant role played by small groups across the centuries in the growth and renewal of the Christian church. When we read the New Testament we are reminded that the church multiplied at an astounding pace throughout the Roman world. For the first two hundred years of its existence, the church had no large public buildings available in which to meet. During that time small groups were not an extension of the church - they were the church.

House Groups are an important part of our church family life. These groups are about building relationships and friendships, supporting each other in prayer and practical ways, developing and deepening our faith together, studying God’s word and having fun. We try, as best we can, to embrace all these. If you are new to our church they are also a great way of getting to know a few folk really well and quickly which makes settling into church that much easier.

We meet informally in people’s homes and look at parts of the Bible. This enables us to learn and support each other as we grow in the knowledge of our Christian faith. House groups are a vital source of Christian growth and fellowship for many people. Now would be a great time to join in one of our varied groups. You will be made most welcome. This Autumn we are looking at ‘The Covenants.’
Housegroups (look in the news sheet for more details)
Little Garth, School Rd, Messing (host Clare Smith)
leader Anne Wild
50 Perry Road, Tiptree (hosts Frank and Ruth Le Poidevin)
leader Frank Le Poidevin
44 Anchor Road, Tiptree (hosts Roger and Daphne Hoare)
leader Roger Hoare
27 Elwin Road, Tiptree (host Dorothy Lawrence)
leader Sue Copsey