From Rev’d Anne-Marie
Archbishop William Temple once said, “When I pray, coincidences happen; when I don’t, they don’t.” I have certainly found it to be true that God deals in coincidences. Often it is a chance conversation with someone I bump into in the street that makes something happen, or an idea one person has that answers a question someone else was asking in a completely different context. It is noticeable that, when we focus on praying, things seem to happen. Certainly, there is evidence that the churches that are growing and seeing exciting developments taking place are the churches that take prayer very seriously. It is, after all pretty logical: if we are making a habit out of asking God to do things, we should not be surprised when we see signs of God at work. On the other hand, if we never take the trouble to talk to God about what is on our hearts, we are less likely to find God answering those concerns in ways that we can notice.